The neo-bank that offers every account holder free earned wage access.
While at 5&Vine
2020.  Atlanta, US.
Every day, millions of people wake up to the problem of having to wait to get paid. This misalignment between pay day and the due dates for rent and bills, often pushes those with limited financial means, to rely on predatory payday lenders. Arise is on a mission to change that by driving true financial wellness through free Earned Wage Access (EWA). 
The 5&Vine team developed Ideal Customer Profiles and a powerful narrative. Keeping the primary market in mind (the Latin population in the US), we chose a vibrant color scheme. We employed a ladder as a visual metaphor to symbolize financial growth within the brand system. 
This approach resulted in a compelling new brand and website for Arise, empowering them to confidently enter the market and secure additional venture capital.

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