Toronto-based Home Staging Studio & Prop House. 
 Branding   |    UX   |    UI   |   Social Media
2018-2020.   Toronto Canada.
For over two years, I was part of the Staging Sisters team as a Graphic Designer and Home Staging Assistant. I provided support in the design of physical spaces, established the brand guidelines of the company, updated the website, and communicated their services through Social Media Campaigns that integrated Photography, Illustration, and Video.
In 2018, the Instagram algorithm prioritized images, so I created static campaigns to engage new followers. While showcasing photographs of our home transformations, we also shared Home Staging education posts, interior design trends, staging tips, and holiday-themed posts.
Once we established a community base and experienced an increase in staged properties due to the growing popularity of Staging Sisters, we shifted our focus to showcasing our work exclusively. At that point, Instagram began to prioritize video content, which we implemented to introduce the team, the warehouse, and a deeper view of the property transformations.
After completing my engagement as a team member, I continued to work with Staging Sisters as a freelance Graphic Designer until their closure at the end of 2023—a decision prompted by a career change by the founders, Paula and Cecilia.

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