A pocket tarot deck designed for beginners. It contains the 22 Major Arcana cards, representing the stages of the hero's journey. Each stage corresponds to a lesson or obstacle.

2023.   Toronto, Canada/Pasto, Colombia.
In 2020, far from home and scared by the pandemic, it was challenging for me to maintain a positive outlook. Studying the tarot and developing this deck kept me busy while assisting me in reflecting on core concepts such as creation, death, fertility and stability. This ultimately connected me to my spirituality and enabled me to thrive despite the circumstances.
While I show the most representative symbols of the Major Arcana from the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, the drawings are deeply personal, featuring my mother as The High Priestess, my dad as The Hierophant, and my brother as The Emperor. I portray myself throughout the entire deck, beginning with a young identity in The Empress and concluding with a complete misidentification from my body in The Judgment.
To make it cohesive, I added a moon symbol associated with my mother to the back of the cards. Then, for the box, I went minimalistic, prioritizing a poem that praises the acceptance of the shadow as the key to contentment.
Finally, I added a set of instructions that synthesizes the keywords of each card, its astrological equivalent, and provide a brief explanation of each concept. There, I also encourage the consultant to go beyond and research the cards to further expand on the concepts.

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