Marilyn Gilbert Artists Management embraces social change through a roster of musicians who excel onstage and beyond to create community.

Ana Calvache, Lead Designer    |    Silvia Bastidas, Brand Jr. Designer   |    Francisco Santacruz,  UX Sr. Designer    |   Pablo Meza, Developer.
2023.   Toronto, Canada.
The MGAM's brand identity relies on primary colours and basic shapes, drawing inspiration from artists such as Matisse, Fritz Glarner, and Mondrian. 
We created a blocky typeface-based system, utilizing the variations of the Neue Plak Font Family as the primary design resource; complemented by a set of high-contrast icons, and a mix between neutral and filtered photography. ​​​​​​​
For the website, we simplified navigability with a grid design that provides a full view of MGAM's artist roster. Additionally, we integrated a custom booking tool and created dedicated pages for each artist, allowing agents to access their music, social media, and download assets.

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