With over 40 million fans on Facebook, "Yo Amo los Zapatos" is the largest online community for shoe fashionistas in the world.
Branding   |   Creative Strategy   |    Editorial   |    UI   |   Social Media
2014-2020.   Mexico/US
In 2013, the founders of Yo Amo Media came up with a simple yet powerful idea: a Facebook page dedicated to women's passion for shoes. 'Yo Amo los Zapatos' quickly gained popularity by showcasing the latest shoe trends, providing valuable insights into the Latin fashion market.
This rapid growth led to the start of an On-Demand shoe business. We shared a trending style and if the community supported it, we quickly manufactured the shoe in response.
That model didn't work, and while I was engaged to work in a product-based brand, during the process, they noticed that their real value was the community, turning the business into a media company that focused on content creation.
The brand's visual language, hence my role, shifted as well.
We were aware that while we were talking about shoes, we had the amazing opportunity to convey a message of feminine empowerment, something much needed in Latin America.
What started as a shoe page turned into a movement. We can proudly say that Yo Amo los Zapatos grew to over 40 million fans in a little over two years, giving us the chance to engage not only with investors but also with a wide range of fashion brands.
At our peak, we worked relentlessly to level up in terms of content, introducing footage-based tips videos, Facebook Lives with beauty experts, and YouTube series with influential Latin women. 
We even partnered with Argos Media Group to produce some of the first series on Facebook and TikTok for Latin America.

With changes in the media landscape and some career shifts among its founders, "Yo Amo los Zapatos" has lost some momentum. Despite this, the brand remains active.

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