Slow-fashion brand.  A celebration of craftsmanship and empowerment, proudly supporting the labour of local women.
Formerly known as "Esa Media Naranja".
2023. Pasto, Colombia.
Laura's primary goal when establishing the brand was to infuse it with an urban and cool aesthetic while imbuing it with a more mature, sophisticated essence. "Esa Media Naranja" had its unique charm, but with Inndomita we were looking to refine the brand, aiming for a fresh and contemporary style that resonates with a more fashion-conscious audience.
We drew our inspiration from the Arachne Myth, a tale of a weaver who claimed greater skill than  Athena, the goddess of craftsmanship and wisdom. They get into a  contest, which Arachne ultimately loses. As punishment, she was transformed into a spider
The Inndómita look is clean yet boldly wild and fun. It combines urban chic with a newfound level of maturity, bringing new life to the brand's journey.

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