Real estate solutions at the intersection of healthy and sustainable built environments.
While at 5&Vine
2021. San Francisco, US.
Stok Engaged the 5&Vine team to help current and potential clients understand Stok’s strong vision and commitment to the environment, all through a powerful rethinking of their brand positioning.
We improved the logo by enhancing its balance and relation with the wordmark. We complemented it with sleek icons and a set of photography that resonate with the concept of "Biomimicry",  a practice that entails learning from and mimicking strategies found in nature to solve human challenges.

After that, we established an architecture to tell clients about Stok’s credibility and capabilities, launching a complete redesign of their website and producing tightly woven case studies.
With a revitalized position, logo, website, content, and  comprehensive brand guidelines to support the team in maintaining the integrity of their brand in-house; Stok stands as a true industry forerunner in the world of environmentally-oriented, high-performance buildings.

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