Bikeart Gallery. Enjoy a cup of our coffee selection while checking bike-related art exhibitions and vintage collectibles.​​​​​​​
In collaboration with Francisco Santacruz:  Sr Branding Designer.  @santacruzstudio
2017.   Bogotá, Colombia.

Ricardo Montezuma is an architect with a deep passion for bicycles. Moovil is a reflection of his personal tastes, journeys, and experiences. ​​​​​​​
Through this Bicycle Gallery, he aims to educate the Colombian market about the true essence of "cycling culture," while also providing access to bicycles commonly seen in cities like Copenhagen or Amsterdam.
The use of the double "O" in the word "Moovil" facilitated the natural integration of a bicycle, leading to the creation of the logo. The branding system was developed with a focus on interior design, making infographics and signage pivotal elements. The intention was to provide context to the brand, allowing for a clear presentation of both the products and the cities renowned for their bicycle culture.

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