Sustainable alternatives that promote more conscious consumption habits for our planet. With a modern and varied portfolio of products, Local Cero helps consumers lead a waste-free lifestyle.
2017.   Pasto, Colombia.
Local Cero was conceived after Daniela Miranda, an Environmental Engineer based in Bogota, returned to Pasto, the city where she was born and raised. She noticed that people weren't aware of the impact of their consumption habits, and those who were didn't have many options to access eco-friendly products. "Buying a bamboo toothbrush shouldn’t be this hard."
Daniela, supported by her sister Diana, a landscape architect;  founded Local Cero, a brand that provides sustainable alternatives to everyday products while educating people about conscious consumption habits.
For our branding, we drew inspiration from a dandelion, a plant that undergoes cyclical growth, symbolizing what Local Zero strives for: Through the three Rs (reuse, recycle, and reduce), they encourage their consumers to adopt a cyclical lifestyle, generating as little waste as possible.
"Local Cero, your impact, your choice."

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