The Challenger Brand  Agency.  5&Vine is a full-service branding and marketing agency for companies that challenge the status quo.
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2020-2023.   Toronto, Canada.
For three and a half years, I helped bring to life the visions of 5&Vine's clients while creating bold yet elegant branding for the agency.
When I joined the team, a core element of the company was a logo that referenced a slingshot, a metaphor deeply ingrained in the company ethos, inspired by the myth of David and Goliath. We retained this, using an "ampersand slingshot" as the core of our logo, encircled by two V's, which also represent the number 5 in Roman numerals. This logo is a "palindrome" as it can be mirrored and remain the same. When used on edges, we created a variation that showcases a half-split logo.
We went through multiple tests before discovering a system that would complete our identity. Rahul, the founder of 5&Vine, led the process,  merging the aesthetics of the business world with some of his life references, such as Hip-hop, sports fashion and underdog stories.
This approach led to a bold vector-based system anchored in a black-and-white colour scheme with vibrant accents; heavy high-contrast icons, flexible waved animations and neutral photography.

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