Giving employees fee-free access to their income the day they earn it.
While at 5&Vine - In collaboration with Liana Shengeliia:  UX Designer ​​​​​​​
2021.  Alpharetta, US.
5&Vine was engaged to develop a powerful positioning for customer-facing communication to build awareness and demand from HR leaders at Fortune 500 companies, build a website to educate prospects and invite them to demo the product, and begin lead generation efforts. 
We authored, designed, and built an entirely new website that led with the empathetic and insightful message to employers: ‘Financially Stressed Employees Can’t Give You Their 100%’.
We used visuals, copy, and UX to create a site optimized for conversion and SEO, that spoke to employers and employees, and championed all four of their products. We brought the brand to life, demonstrated the business case for earned wage access, and redesigned their physical card.  We also grew lead generation efforts across Linkedin and Google Search, including all of the creative required to deliver these leads.

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